Maintaining Your Home’s Exterior

Preventative maintenance for the home Any homeowner who is interested in improving their home’s exterior in any way should keep an eye out for the following simple preventative maintenance tips to ensure all items of internal decoration are functioning correctly. This will ensure any unwanted water and moisture as well as mold is kept at bay, ensuring the exterior maintenance of not only your home, but the lives of those living inside your home.

Tools To Maintain Your Home

This means a garden hose, pressure washer, rotary sprayer for your siding, timber cleaner in a paint or stain that can be added to water, bird droppings, and dirt/pets removal along with a small pressure washer for the walls. Depending on the areas you need to waterproof, various products are available for your home.

  • keeper for the pool system, this should always be used when the main plumbing system has been disturbed and a pool sprayer is not sufficient.
  • muriatic acid to wash the gutters. No need for muriatic acid with an older system but for the system below the dishwasher.
  • muriatic acid to rid of a stain on the house. Or try a cleaner specifically designed for this purpose. o  rust remover for pool-type devices
  • solution for cleaning the solar panel’s glass such as oxalic acid with water to form an extremely strong acid.
  • outdoor paint remover
  • outdoor paint if your gutters are plugged due to leaves or debris this needs to be removed.

More Home Maintenance Tips

Check mini water blowers to see if they could be used to remove the excess silt. You could always switch them on the hottest setting. Wash the windows with a mixture of vinegar and water This will take care of mildew and will, if tackling this project, use a pressure washer at the same time or it would be much more work to try and mop, and then clean your windows properly again once your cleaning is completed.

Check all vents for bird droppings. Clean out your rain catch basin, gutters, downspouts, and drains if possible. Use a stiff brush, a sponge, and a strong pad scrubber to eliminate any grime or dirt. Use a strong deck brush and bleach to remove the mold as well as the stains that can affect the glazing.

Check that the down pipes are clear of debris and that the water is draining off the edge of the gutter.

Hire a professional to inspect your siding–it is important if your planning to sell anytime soon. The professional will be able to see where any worn or missing tiles are as well as see if your sidings are loose, in need of re-siding, or need to be repaired. Locate the source of any foul odors, insects, or pests that may be ingrained in your siding.

They will inspect for siding deterioration, hole in siding, dents or dings as well as signs of termites.

Check for any water damage, if any.

Check for peeling or loose paint in your windows, perhaps from those annoying little cobwebs the homeowners install on their windows all year round!

Wash and clean all items you may have stored that have been affected by the bad weather. Level large rocks in your yard.

Clear any access debris for cause of the vehicles’ torment Normally, we store fuel and supplies from our cars inside our garages. Now in this instance, it can be crucial to clean those tools from stored items because this can help avoid accidents.

Ordinary overhead power extension cords do not give off enough leaves to stay alight and it is essential that you do not utilize them with anything other than your outdoor and garden tools. If the problem lies with the windows in your home, you will need to clean the inside of the windows, including the frames and glass. It is not a difficult job but not everyone has the time or strength to do it on their own.

Clean all any grease which may have built up from your grill. Spray oven cleaner in the oven to clean any stains that the grease may have given your oven a fight with. Unclog washers and seals, pipes, sinks to remedy a blocked drain.